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Testimonial: The Finnleo Himalaya Heater Has Revolutionized Sauna for Me!

Testimonial: The Finnleo Himalaya Heater Has Revolutionized Sauna for Me! featured image

At Finnleo we love to hear from customers about their sauna experiences! Actually, if you would like to share your sauna experience, you can! Submit your sauna experience here and we may feature you on the Finnleo blog.

Innovations in sauna technology offer new and exciting ways to experience the benefits of sauna. Though the practice of sauna bathing has been a cultural and traditional practice across the globe for over one thousand years recent studies showing the health benefits of regular sauna use has sparked innovation and new products. In this testimonial, Tom shares his experience with a new sauna product called the Finnleo Himalaya Heater which provides two different sauna experiences and leverages the BioWater technology that comes with all Finnleo BlackLine saunas. Here’s what Tom had to say.

A Revolutionary Sauna Experience

"The Himalaya with BWT is just what the doctor ordered and Emily and I absolutely love it! The soft steam, combined w/the BWT, is an absolute dream! Every time I get out of the sauna, I start looking forward to the next time. It wasn’t until after I installed the Himalaya that I realized that to some degree I was more or less “surviving” in the sauna for the past 30 years, as many saunas are just too hot and/or the steam is too harsh. The BWT and large rock mass provide the perfect balance of soft heat and pleasurable steam. For the first time in my life I can sit in the sauna for 15 or more minutes and enjoy every minute of it. The sauna experience has improved tenfold!" — Tom H of Brighton, MI

Photo of Tom H sitting in his sauna enjoying his Himalaya-heater

More About the Finnleo Blackline Series

Experiences like Tom are not rare! This is the most exciting time in the history of the sauna. For over 100 years Finnleo has been leading the industry with new innovative ways to bring new people to the health and social benefits of sauna. The Blackline series is the latest in innovation from Finnleo. Handmade in Finland this series emphasizes simplicity in design while offering more customization than ever before. 

Personalization is at the heart of the Blackline Series. The sauna will actually change with you and respond to your needs and desired experience. The new BWT-ready sauna provides a multidimensional experience of pleasure and relaxation. A multitude of sauna experiences in a single sauna solution.

We made this product to provide a multilayered sauna experience and ultimately deliver consumers the level of customization and variety that they wanted. Now no two sauna experiences need be the same and sharing the sauna with guests is even more approachable due to the high degree of customization available with the Blackline series.

From the Testimonial: The Finnleo Blackline Himalaya Heater

finnleo blackline himalaya heater View Himalaya Heater


The Himalaya Heater is one of the products included in our Blackline Series. The heater was handmade in Finland and has been designed for simplicity of use and maximum customization. Like its namesake, the secret of the Finnleo’s Himalaya also lies in the natural water cycle. The new sauna stove conceals a water container featuring ingenious BWT technology, which humidifies the sauna room while it is warming up.  The heater is a rock tower with nearly 210lbs of rocks that provide the room with the traditional sauna experience for the modern consumer.

The Himalaya also features technology to increase satisfaction and ease of use. The tower is controlled through a touch screen interface and offers compatibility with most mobile devices through the FinnleoHeat app. Set the temperature of your sauna through your phone! You can now preheat the sauna remotely and schedule regular times for the sauna to heat up automatically. It’s never been easier to weave a sauna routine into your lifestyle. The Himalaya even has “user favorites” controls that can be preset for individual preferences.

Here is a break down of the BWT technology that powers the Finnleo Blackline experience.

BWT Technology: Two Sauna Types From One Heater

BWT Technology for Soft or Traditional Sauna

Soft Sauna

Fill BWT water container and set the temperature to:

  • 140-175 º F
  • More humidity
  • Lower temperature
  • A gentle sauna experience
  • Bio-aroma available

Traditional Sauna

Use BWT without water and set the temperature to:

  • 175-190 º F
  • High temperature
  • Low humidity
  • A great, traditional sauna experience

interior sauna room

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