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Testimonial: This Heater Has Revolutionized Sauna for Me!

Testimonial: This Heater Has Revolutionized Sauna for Me! featured image

The Himalaya with BWT is just what the doctor ordered and Emily and I absolutely love it! The soft steam, combined w/the BWT, is an absolute dream! Every time I get out of the sauna, I start looking forward to the next time. It wasn’t until after I installed the Himalaya that I realized that to some degree I was more or less “surviving” in the sauna for the past 30 years, as many saunas are just too hot and/or the steam is too harsh. The BWT and large rock mass provide the perfect balance of soft heat and pleasurable steam. For the first time in my life I can sit in the sauna for 15 or more minutes and enjoy every minute of it. The sauna experience has improved tenfold!

This heater has revolutionized sauna for me!


interior sauna room

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