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Sauna Brings Wellness & Relaxation to Luxury Home Spa

Sauna Brings Wellness & Relaxation to Luxury Home Spa featured image

A couple living in the west side of Denver was designing their new house and wanted to include a wellness room with a sauna that they could retreat to for relaxation. The homeowners are world travelers and were inspired to include some of their favorite things from their European travels. The result of their wellness room is a beautiful luxury home spa with a large Finnleo custom-cut sauna, soaking tub, steam shower and a sitting area. With the all-glass sauna front, the homeowners can enjoy a panoramic view of the Rocky Mountains while sauna bathing.

The homeowner commented on their home Finnleo sauna:jpgSauna-4

“When we were designing our new house, we knew that we wanted to have a wellness room with a sauna. While traveling in Europe, we have learned about the Finnleo sauna and became interested. 

When the sauna was installed, and when we used it for the first time, we knew right away that this is exactly what we wanted, from the wood quality, color, and size. The sauna functioned perfectly and the sound system was a great addition to it.

This room became my favorite place in the house, whether I wanted to warm up in the sauna after the cold day outside, or just relax and meditate to beautiful music. This sauna room is truly wonderful and in use all year round. The benefit of having a sauna in a house is inexplicable. I have recommended a Finnleo sauna to all my friends and everybody I know.”




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