Custom, Permanently Installed Indoor Saunas

Handcrafted for your in-home installation

Your sauna is a personal retreat, and you can define that experience by choosing the design details. 
Custom Traditional Indoor Saunas
Traditional Saunas_Custom Indoor
When custom is the best choice

Custom sauna design

Custom saunas are perfect for MANY applications and can be done during new construction or renovations. Residences, hotels, corporate fitness centers, health clubs, apartment buildings, and more - wherever a sauna is wanted, we can help bring it to life. A special design or unique location doesn't mean you have to settle for less.

Your options are unlimited — innovative use of glass windows and doors, unusual angles, unique bench configurations, and so on. Your design, in partnership with our experience and quality craftsmanship, assures unmatched form and function. If you can design it, we can build it.

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Start with your local dealer

How it works

Bringing a custom sauna to life is a team effort. You'll start by enlisting the help of a local Finnleo dealer. They will help you (and/or your designer) navigate the custom sauna design process; by understanding your space, your vision, and our capabilities, they can layout your in-home sauna.

From there, we review, create a CAD drawing, confirm manufacturability, and occasionally offer suggestions for improvement. With your approval, we custom manufacture the sauna pieces to your specifications. A complete sauna kit is then delivered, ready for installation.

Your dealer's contracting team, or yours, takes over from here, installing the sauna onto your framed walls. When it's done, you'll have a custom built-in sauna made just for your home.

Get started
Custom sauna construction

Designing and building your sauna

Preview some of the major design decisions involved in your custom sauna journey: 
Interior design  |  Backrest design  |  Heater selection  |  Door designs  |  Other  |  Sample Layouts

Interior design

Custom Saunas-Interior Design_Standard

Standard custom interior

Interior wood choices:

  • Cedar walls/ceiling + benches
  • Hemlock walls/ceiling + benches
  • Spruce walls/ceiling + Abachi benches

Bench options:

  • Standard short-board benching with bullnose (Spruce)
  • Long-board benching with standard front (Cedar, Hemlock)

Backrest: 2-Bar standard backrest with LED lighting, optionally upgrade

Benchskirts: optional add-on

Custom Sauna Interior Design - Twilight Interior

Twilight interior

Interior wood: Cedar walls/ceiling

Bench: Abachi long-board benching, with heat treated Alder bullnose bench fronts

Backrest: 5-Bar, 2-tone backrest with LED lighting

Benchskirts: Matching 5-bar, 2-tone bench skirts

Custom Saunas-Interior Design_Centurion

Centurion interior

Interior wood: Taika walls / Hemlock ceiling

Bench: Hemlock wide-board benching

Backrest: 2-Bar wide-board Hemlock backrest with LED lighting

Custom Saunas-Interior Design_Deco

Deco interior

Interior wood: Hemlock walls/ceiling

Bench: Hemlock standard benching, with heat treated Alder bullnose bench fronts

Backrest: 3-bar wide board backrest with heat treated Alder accent and LED lighting

Layout: Upper bench with lower platform


Backrest designs

Custom Saunas-Backrest_2-Bar Standard

2-bar (standard)

Hemlock, Cedar or Abachi (or Aspen)
Custom Saunas-Backrest_2-Bar Wide

2-bar wide

Hemlock only
Custom Saunas-Backrest_3-Bar


Hemlock, Cedar or Abachi (or Aspen)
Custom Saunas-Backrest_3-Bar Wide

3-bar wide

Hemlock only
Custom Saunas-Backrest_5-Bar Heat Treated

5-bar heat-treated

Abachi (or Aspen) with heat-treated center board only
Custom Saunas-Backrest_3-Bar Wide Heat Treated

3-bar wide heat-treated

Hemlock with heat-treated center board only
Custom Saunas-Backrest_6-Bar Curved

6-bar curved

Hemlock, Cedar or Abachi (or Aspen)
Custom Saunas-Backrest_6-Bar Curved Heat Treated

6-bar curved heat-treated

Hemlock, Cedar, or Abachi (or Aspen), with heat-treated top and bottom boards


Heater selection

Designer-SL2 sauna heater

Designer sauna heater

View Designer
Himalaya rock tower heater

Himalaya sauna heater

View Himalaya
Laava heater

Laava sauna heater

View Laava
Magma sauna heater

Magma sauna heater

View Magma


Door designs

Custom Saunas-Doors_All-Glass


Available in bronze, clear, and satin tint; multiple sizes available.
Custom Saunas-Doors_Etched

All-glass, etched

Etched birch leaf design, hinge-right only. 24" x 72" only.
Custom Saunas-Doors_Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir

With insulated glass window; multiple sizes available.
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Doors_Other- All Glass Front_1500x1000


For all-glass walls and other special requests, you are welcome to source through your own supplier.


Other design considerations

Sauna Doors-and-Windows

Window details

You'll get to select quantity, placement, and glass tint for your sauna windows. Maximize your indoor and outdoor views with well-placed windows.
Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Other Design_Door Handles_1500x1000

Door handle

Choose from two options: standard wood handle (for use with all-glass and Douglas Fir doors) or a white oak hand with stainless steel standoffs (all-glass doors only). 
Sauna audio

Audio add-on

Add high quality sound into your sauna with a Bluetooth® soundbar. Pair your phone and listen to your favorite entertainment - music, podcasts, meditations, and more. 
Custom Saunas-Other Design_Lighting


In traditional custom saunas, in-backrest LED lighting is standard. This soft light illuminates the room beautifully, and subtly, and provides color options as well for chromotherapy. Puck lights are an alternative substitution.
Site-Image-Heaters and Controls_SaunaLogic2_1500x1000

SaunaLogic2 control

Every custom sauna comes equipped with a SaunaLogic2 control for managing your pure sauna experience. Control temperature, timing, lighting and more from your wall-mounted control, or your mobile device. Additional options available for commercial installations. 


Custom sauna sample sizes and configurations

Sometimes it can be helpful to see common configurations to help understand what is possible within the space you have available. Dimensions below are approximate interior dimensions of sample sauna layouts. Any shape and size is possible when building a custom sauna. General recommendations: allow 2' of bench per person. Minimum ceiling height: 75", Maximum ceiling height: 96"


CC46 - 4'x6'


CC57 - 5'x7'


CC66 - 6'x6'


CC68 - 6'x8'


CC77 - 7'x7'


CC88 - 8'x8'


CC812 - 8'x12'


CC1010 - 10'x10'


CC1212 - 12'x12'

Site-Image-Custom Saunas-Other Design_SaunaLogic_1500x1000
What's Included?

Custom indoor sauna, for permanent installation in your home

Working from the approved sauna design, we custom cut your chosen tongue-and-groove boards, pre-build benches, backrests, headrests, and duckboard, manufacture your selected heater and more - delivering to you (or your dealer) a complete sauna kit ready for installation. Here is what is included:

  • Cut-to-length tongue-and-groove for the interior walls and ceiling, in the wood species of your choice
  • All interior trim: corner, cove and interior door casing
  • Pre-built benches, backrests, benchskirts, headrests, and/or duckboard 
  • Genuine Finnleo heater, with rocks and heater guard
  • SaunaLogic2® control
  • Pre-hung door 
  • LED RGBW lighting
  • Foil vapor barrier, vents, grills, and hardware
  • Sauna bucket and ladle

Start designing your custom in-home sauna today

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