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Custom-Cut Outdoor Saunas
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A Finnleo custom built Outdoor Sauna will meet your special needs for backyard living. Custom-Cut Outdoor Saunas are perfect for new construction—such as within a pool house—or remodeling an existing backyard structure, such as a shed or unattached garage. A special design or unique location doesn't mean you have to settle for less.

Custom Outdoor Sauna Interior View

By incorporating a Finnleo Custom Sauna within the confines of almost any backyard structure, the options are unlimited. A basic garden shed can be converted to an integral part of a backyard healthy living area, complete with a lot of glass, diffused lighting and can include a multi-purpose changing room. With a Finnleo Custom-Cut Sauna, you can achieve them all. Your ideas, in partnership with Finnleo’s experienced design team, assures the addition of a stunning sauna will fit perfectly into your backyard living area.

Outdoor sauna and attached screen porch

A Custom-Cut Outdoor sauna includes the finest materials pre-cut-to-length for your walls and ceiling; the benches are prebuilt and the door is prehung — all for final installation on your framed walls. Simply provide the inside dimensions, the door location and your preference for bench configuration — we'll do the rest. Need design assistance to overcome potential challenges? Contact us. We'll provide free recommendations and C.A.D. drawings.

outdoor sauna with windows


Designing and Building Your Sauna

All Finnleo Custom-Cut Saunas include:

  • Manufactured in the USA by Finnleo

  • Interior walls and ceiling, cut-to-length tongue and groove, Nordic White Spruce (or other woods of your choice)

  • All interior trim

  • A genuine Finnleo heater, rocks and heater guard

  • Preassembled benches, headrests and backrests. Widest standard bench widths in the industry (24” wide for sauna depths 5’ or more)

  • Prehung All-Glass door (or other door options; choose from six door options)

  • Room light, duckboard flooring, thermometer, and foil vapor barrier

  • Sauna bucket, ladle and all hardware

  • Choose from several interior options, and three wood options: Nordic Whitewoods and Abachi—the trademark of Finnleo Saunas, or clear Western Red Cedar, Canadian Hemlock with Abachi or Taika.

Door Options

Door options include:

  • All glass door (standard), 24”x 72”, 24”x 80”, 30”x 80” & 36”x 80”
  • Douglas Fir door 24”x 72”, 231 /4”x 691 /4”, 24” x 80”, 30” x 80” & 36” x 80” with insulated glass window (Note: 80” height is for Custom Cut saunas only; not for modular)
  • Etched glass door, 24”x 72”
  • All doors are prehung and include handles and appropriate latching system
  • For all doors consult dealer or Finnleo for suggested rough opening.

To view sauna doors & handles, click here.

Wood Types


Clear Western Red Cedar


Canadian Hemlock


Nordic White Spruce


Black Taika

Backrest Designs


2-Bar Standard Backrest


3-Bar Backrest


6-Bar Curved Backrest


6-Bar Curved Heat-Treated Backrest

Custom-Cut Sauna CAD Drawings

Below are examples of Finnleo Custom-Cut Series. Dimensions shown are approximate I.D. of sauna room. Allow 2 ft. of bench per person. Unlimited custom shapes and sizes available for Custom-Cut saunas.


 CC44 - 4'x4'



CC46 - 4'x6'


CC57 - 5'x7'


CC66 - 6'x6'


CC68 - 6'x8'


CC77 - 7'x7'


CC88 - 8'x8'


CC812 - 8'x12'


CC1010 - 10'x10'


CC1212 - 12'x12'

One Size Does Not Fit All

We know your sauna is a personal retreat, and that the pure sauna experience is shaped in large part by the comfort and decor details you choose. That’s why Finnleo has a wide range of high quality options that let you design the exact right sauna for you.

custom outdoor sauna

The Only Limit is Your Imagination

Choose from deluxe interior and exterior upgrades such as Deco interior systems, deluxe interiors, exclusive European sauna wood species, luxurious contrasting wood colors, curved glass doors and windows, sound systems, user-friendly digital controls, heater designs….

These are just some of your options. These and others shown throughout our website are available for most Finnleo traditional saunas. And thanks to our custom manufacturing capabilities, no idea you have is too big or too small to explore—simply contact us and we’ll be happy to help make your dream sauna come true.

custom features in outdoor sauna

At Your Service

Not sure where to begin planning for your own sauna design? Finnleo's network of specialty Premium Dealers are available to help you design your dream outdoor sauna. Contact your local Finnleo dealer to learn more.

Start planning your backyard escape.

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