NHL All-Star, Dany Heatley, Uses his Finnleo Sauna for Workout Recovery & Health

Former NHL All-Star, Olympic Gold Medalist and Calder Trophy Winner, Dany Heatley, has loved using saunas throughout his hockey career. He recently added a Finnleo sauna to his home, steps from the beach in Southern California. Dany wanted a sauna that could fit his unusual dead space just off his lower level walk-out. Finnleo helped design an outdoor Euro Patio that fit Dany’s unique space.

Dany tells Finnleo, “After competing in the NHL for 14 seasons, I came to rely on sauna for my recovery and overall wellbeing. Now, I still workout regularly and the sauna is important for my recovery. But, more-so, I enjoy using my sauna as a great place to relax and the bonus of using it with my family and friends. I can’t thank Finnleo enough for this awesome Euro Patio sauna that perfectly fits the space I wasn’t using in my backyard. I love it!”

Sauna Details: