Portable Saunas | Custom

Permanently Installed Infrared Traditional Sauna

Design a new infrared sauna, or convert an existing built-in traditional sauna into an infrared sauna by removing the heater and replacing with infrared emitter panels.

Every custom infrared sauna kit will include the following:
- SaunaLogic2-IS control with Wi-Fi
- Pre-cut tongue-and-groove for the ceiling and walls
- Choose from: Nordic White Spruce, Hemlock, Cedar
Interior molding and trim
- Door and door handle
- Pre-built benches
- Windows
- Duckboard for entry area
- Custom infrared heating panels kit
- Foil vapor barrier, vent valve, vent grills, and hardware
- RGBW ceiling puck lights
- Upper bench skirts (optional)
- Bluetooth® audio soundbar (optional)

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Technical specifications

Sauna Size
Maximum Room Size: 425 cubic feet