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Welcome to the Wellness Generation – Tour of Olympic Hot Tub’s Newest Location

Welcome to the Wellness Generation – Tour of Olympic Hot Tub’s Newest Location featured image

Don Riling, owner of Olympic Hot Tub’s 6 locations throughout the Seattle area, welcomed Finnleo President Keith Raisanen to the newest Olympic Hot Tub store in Woodinville, WA. Don and the previous owner, Alice, have long been recognized for their passion for helping their customers improve mental and physical wellness through lifestyle products by Finnleo Sauna and Hot Spring Spas. That mission is clearly captured in their company mantra “Welcome to the Wellness Generation.”

Please take a few minutes to enjoy the tour Don provides of the new showroom while he talks about how his team at Olympic strives to enhance the buying experience by encouraging customers to try a sauna or hot tub in a relaxing, no pressure atmosphere. To further enhance this experience, the changing area has been designed with spa features, and to create the feeling of an outdoor soak, a room has been built to replicate the starry night sky.


For sauna, Olympic Hot Tub proudly displays working models of our Plug-N-Play, easy to assemble Low EMR/Low EF infrared saunas and Hallmark series rooms. For a more custom installation, Olympic’s expert knowledge of sauna design and installation allowed them to install a gorgeous sauna built into their custom space. These Finnleo Custom-Cut saunas with Designer interiors allow Olympic and other Finnleo dealers to create dream saunas.

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