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Review of the Finnleo s810 Sauna: 30 Days of Sweat

Review of the Finnleo s810 Sauna: 30 Days of Sweat featured image



My New Year's resolution was to use the Finnleo S810 Far-Infrared Sauna Room for 30 straight days.  On January 1, I assembled the room by myself in about 45 minutes.  It was very simple to put together and the end result was impressive.  The hemlock cabinet is attractive enough that it could go in an area you might not think about a sauna, like a bedroom.  Since space is a concern I set mine up in my kitchen.  Thankfully, my wife loves me.

 Finnleo sauna review S810

On January 2, I started my challenge.  Each session was to last a minimum of 45 minutes or maximum 25 minutes of sweating.  I documented the time I started the session, the length of the session and the length of time it took me to achieve a sweat.  I let the room heat up to a minimum of 130 degrees before stepping in.  I logged 31 sessions plus a visit to UKTS Finnish sauna.  Here’s what I found.

Sauna benefits after 30 days of use

  • Better sleep
  • Weight loss
  • Faster recovery
  • Increased endurance
  • Positive emotional impact
  • Better skin

I sleep better.  I feel sharper and lighter.  I lost six pounds.  I recover faster after working out, and my endurance during a workout has increased.  My age lines have diminished and aren’t as prevalent.  I guess all those studies and claims have some proof behind them.

The room itself is just big enough to sit comfortably for a session.  The Bluetooth syncs seamlessly with my iPhone.  I listen to audiobooks or meditative music.  The Saunalogic controls are simple to operate, and the color light therapy works great at night. 

What makes the S810 & S820 ideal for someone looking to get the benefits of heat therapy is very little space is needed to set up either of these units.  With only 15 amps required to power the unit, no special wiring is required which makes this ideal for a truly plug and play experience.   Even condo owners and renters could find space to set one of these rooms up and be able to take it when moving.

Finnelo S810 sauna size

My Finnleo Sauna Review

After more than 10 years of thinking about an FIR room I’m so glad I finally got one and I now experience the benefits first hand.  As more studies bring to light the health benefits such as preventing dementia and Alzheimer’s to increased longevity through regular use, the small investment of 45 minutes a day compounds those few minutes into years of healthier and better quality living.

interior sauna room

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