iPod Locker&SaunaTone Sound System

Finnleo's iPod Locker offers superior sound quality for your sauna. Waterproof FM radio with iPod interface, pre-amp outlet and RF 2-way remote control. Waterproof 6" flush-mount, two-way speakers, polypropylene cones and powder coated stainless steel grilles are available as an option, or the iPod Locker can be combined with the SaunaTone Sound System, an "invisible" transducer speaker system.

The iPod Locker includes the following:


  • Waterproof enclosure with connection port for iPod or iPhone
  • RF 2 Way LCD handheld remote control
  • iPod interface
  • FM radio
  • 77 Watts x 4 channel amplifier
  • 2 Ohms stable amplifier
  • Bass/Treble controls
  • Balance Fader controls
  • 6 FM presets
  • 3.5mm jack for other media, MP3, etc.
  • AUX input on back of unit
  • Pre-out on back of unit

Finnleo's SaunaTone Sound System introduces music to a sauna through an FM Radio receiver or through USB & MP3 input.

The SaunaTone Sound System includes the following:
  • Sleek, flush mounted design
  • 4x40 watts @ 4 Ohms
  • FM radio receiver
  • EQ
  • Balance
  • Bass/Treble
  • USB & MP3 input
  • Displays song title on USB and Android operating systems
  • All components are conformal coated for heat and water resistance