Finnleo Deco

Raising the bar on sauna design, Finnleo and well-known Finnish Designer, Esa Vapaavuori (Esan Design Studio), created the stunning and innovative Finnleo-Deco Sauna Interior System. The Finnleo-Deco design provides a fresh European look, clean lines, and amazing flexibility in room layout.

  • The interior systems include Deco Design details such as:
  • Furniture quality benches on a wall-to-wall platform
  • Moveable bench sections to create maximum flexibility for sitting or lying down
  • Middle platform section tilts up for easy cleaning of floor
  • Optional fiber optic lighting system integrated into the custom backrests and water bowl
  • Optional Deco glass water bowl with faucet
  • Available in a wide range of Finnleo Saunas, including modular sauna rooms and Custom Cut sauna rooms.
  • Bench layout/design can be customized to fit desires of the end-user
  • Available in Nordic White Spruce/Abachi (standard), Canadian Hemlock/Abachi, or Western Red Cedar