Heater Vena-B


Finnleo's Vena-B combines elegant European styling with a classic black shell and built-in controls. It is the perfect choice for sauna bathers who enjoy simplicity and easy access to controls from within the sauna. The Vena-B heats rooms to 420 cubic feet.


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  • Built-in controls (bottom side)
  • 26” H x 17” W x12”" D
  • Includes 50 lbs of Vulcanite stones
  • Black outer shroud, stainless steel elements, black anodized aluminum top.
  • Built-in controls include thermostat and 1-hour timer
  • 4.5kW , 6.0kW or 8.0kW
  • For saunas from 100 cu ft. to 420 cu ft.