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Finnleo’s T1 Touch Screen Control Enhances Sauna Bathing Experience

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Cokato, MN

With a sleek design, enhanced features, and intuitive touch screen controls, Finnleo’s T1 Touch Screen Control enhances the sauna bathing experience.  From the proximity sensor that illuminates the screen to the programmable timer and large digital read out, the sauna becomes a focal point of the day’s relaxation ritual.

To maximize the health benefits of sauna, a sauna bathing schedule, similar to an exercise program, should be implemented.  The Finnleo T1 control’s delayed start feature enables a bather to schedule the sauna, to be ready to use when the bather prefers.  Scheduling time for a sauna, like scheduling most things, helps to prioritize the sauna time.  Studies have shown a possible correlation between regular sauna use and many health benefits, including: less frequent colds, improved skin health (reduction of dry skin), a decrease in severity of depression, and in some cases possible improved cardiac health.  As with any new activity, it is best to consult with a physician to determine specific risks and benefits.

As a bather approaches the preheated sauna, a proximity sensor illuminates the touch screen to display current temperature and other functions.  Though a simple pleasure, the illumination is a welcome to the bather and begins the stress reducing experience of relaxing in luxuriously soft heat.  The large touch screen display allows for ease of viewing the temperature and adjusting the settings to ensure the sauna is set properly.  Beautiful, inviting, and easy to use controls provide for a more inviting in-home spa/sauna experience , making it more likely the sauna and its many associated health benefits will be enjoyed regularly

To learn more about the Finnleo T1 Touch Screen Control and saunas, visit, call 1-800-FINNLEO (346-6536), or visit an authorized Finnleo dealer.  Finnleo sauna products have been seen on home improvement shows such as Bath Crashers.  Finnleo is the market leader and has the most complete line of traditional and infrared saunas.  Request a Finnleo Brochure.