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For Sauna Traditionalists, Finnleo Introduces New Wood-Burning Heaters

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To many, a wood-burning heater provides the ultimate sauna experience.  From the ritual of gathering the wood and tending the fire to the crackle of the fire and aroma of the burning logs, the new Finnleo Wood-Burning Heaters, featuring the "Coanda” air-ventilation system, enhances the experience.

Finnleo has several models of internal feed and external feed wood-burning heaters available.  The optional external feed versions allow the bather to keep the sauna cleaner by storing the logs and wood pile outside of the sauna room.   When the fire is breathing its warm breath of life into the sauna, the door with a glass panel provides a relaxing view of the fire and makes it easier to monitor the needs of the fire.

With the outer shield finished in heat resistant paint and stainless steel, the KS models look great, and coupled with their large rock capacity, provide soft heat and steam.  For those who enjoy warm water for bathing in the sauna, the heaters can be equipped with enclosed water tanks.  The patented "Coanda” air-ventilation system is engineered for quick, efficient heating time.  Combine the water tank, soft, quick heat, and a viewing glass on the beautiful heater’s feeding door, and the perfect ambiance has been found.

For post sauna clean-up, the heaters have been built with removable ash pans for easy cleaning and maintenance.   The spigot on the versions with water tanks allow for the water to be drained from the tanks, so fresh water can be used each session or for seasons where freezing is an issue.  Of course, the main reason for the spigot is for mixing hot water with your cold water for the ideal bathing water temperature.  Every aspect of sauna ownership has been considered in the design, and the heaters will provide years of pleasure without the need for electricity, which makes these perfect for cabins or remote locations.

To learn more about the new wood-burning heaters, visit your local Finnleo dealer or visit Finnleo’s website or call them at 1-800-346-6536.  To read about the full product line, request a brochure.

Finnleo is a leading sauna manufacturer and a subsidiary of TyloHelo Inc.  With a product line ranging from easy to install Low EMR/Low EF Infrared Saunas to high-end commercial saunas, Finnleo has the expertise to guide a project from concept to completion.  With a nationwide network of dealers, Finnleo can provide excellent service before, during, and after the sale.