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Announcing Finnleo’s Win-a-Trip-to-Helsinki Contest Winner

Mark awarding certificate announcing Sarah and Joe Schoess the winners of the Win a Trip to Helsinki

In September 2011, Finnleo, a sauna manufacturer and a subsidiary of TyloHelo World Group, launched an nationwide contest to win a trip to Helsinki.  The contest was simple.  To enter, a person could visit the Finnleo website, or they could follow a link on a local dealer’s website.  No purchase was necessary to enter, and the winner was chosen by  Thousands of registrants from across the United States entered, and on January 15, 2012, chose the winner’s name: Sarah Schoess.

While each registrant had his or her own dream for the contest, Sarah shared with Finnleo upon accepting the prize that she and her husband had dreamed of taking a trip to Finland to visit the land of her heritage, but since her husband was enrolled in graduate school, the finances were not available to make the trip a post graduate school celebration.   Though she was saddened by the fact that they could not afford the trip on their own, she accepted that it was best to postpone their plans for the trip until it could be budgeted.

The email announcement to Sarah proclaiming her the winner of the contest turned a dream into a reality.  Not only was Sarah able to reward her husband’s graduate school accomplishments with a trip to Finland, but the trip will be courtesy of Finnleo via the Win-a-Trip-to-Helsinki contest.