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Innovative iPod Locker and SaunaTone Sound System by Finnleo

iPod Locker with Wood Background

Finnleo is proud to introduce new products to the Entertainment System options: The iPod Locker and SaunaTone Sound System. 

The iPod Locker is a waterproof docking station for an iPod/iPhone and includes an auxiliary input for other MP3 players. When used with an iPod or iPhone, the remote control allows a bather to control the volume, song selection, mode, and several other functions from across the sauna room. When installed at or below 35" from the floor, the iPod is kept within temperatures acceptable for operation. Because the unit is waterproof, water can be poured over the sauna rocks, without needing to concern one's self with possible damage to the iPod.


For rich quality sound in the sauna, the SaunaTone Sound System provides another option for introducing music to the sauna through radio or MP3s.  Keith Raisanen, President of Finnleo, said, "The Finnleo iPod Locker and SaunaTone Sound System seamlessly integrate two great forms of relaxation: sauna bathing and listening to music."


For more information on both or either system, contact your local dealer or call us directly at 1-800-346-6536.  Request a Finnleo 2012 New Products Brochure.