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TyloHelo Inc. Enters Year Two of Sauna Rooms Constructed Using FSC® Certified Wood

Entering the 2nd year of FSC® Chain of Custody Certification, TyloHelo Inc. is pleased to announce the continuation of program offering saunas constructed using FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified wood. In 2011, TyloHelo Inc. became the first major manufacturer of traditional saunas to be FSC Chain of Custody certified, allowing for rooms to be produced with certified wood, thus meeting the growing desire to utilize green resources where available. Though many projects specifying FSC lumber are commercial projects, environmentally conscious home owners have chosen to specify the product as well.

From architects, to contractors, to owners, the desire to include green building practices in construction is evermore present. Through FSC certification, TyloHelo Inc has committed to purchasing wood from forests that practice both responsible forest management and provide fair and safe working conditions for their employees. Customers benefit from this certification by ensuring that their saunas have been manufactured with care and pride, and the saunas may contribute towards credits under various green building programs.

Features of these rooms will include:

• FSC certified tongue and groove boards for the walls and ceiling

• Benches constructed using FSC tops and framing. Bench tops will run the depth of the bench to improve the utilization of wood and reduce waste

• Guard Rail and Trim of FSC materials

• Dri-Dek vinyl interlocking flooring, to reduce consumption of wood. Dri-dek is very durable and features anti-microbial properties to maintain a more sanitary environment

• Beautiful all-glass door hung on FSC certified jambs

• The heater that best meets your needs

TyloHelo’s divisions, including Finnleo, each offer room packages with the FSC lumber harvested from responsibly managed forests.To learn more about these room packages, contact TyloHelo Inc.’s corporate office at 1-800-346-6536.  Request a Finnleo brochure.

Saunatec FSC CoC License Code 2