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Soccer, Sauna, and Steam: A perfect combination for a cold day & parents vs kids soccer game.

My daughter is in her second year of playing soccer, and one of the traditions of the coaches of her team is the annual "Parents vs Kids Soccer Game.”  The girls are all 9-10 years old, and most parents are in their late 30s to 40s.  I am 37, overweight, and out-of-shape, and I have never played soccer, except in these games.  I embody every component of "bad idea” and "wake up in the morning and can’t move,” except I have an infrared sauna and a steam shower…and that makes all the difference.

At the start of the games, the temperature was about 40°F and would fall to 37°F before the evening was done.  Though chilly outside, our daughters’ skillful soccer playing kept all of us running, kicking, and diving to the point of where perspiration dripped from our brows.  What I had expected to be an easy game to show our daughters support of their sport turned into a serious competition through which the girls showcased the skills they had acquired during the season.  All parents left the field exhausted, sore, and beaming with pride at the players our daughters had become. 

At the end of 1-1/2 hours, we had seen the girls play like as we hope they will on the last game of the season Saturday.  As adults, we got to fill the need of challenging ourselves against our peers.  As an overweight, out-of-shape 37 year old dad who had over-exerted himself out of love for his daughter and an attempt to show that an athlete still lives inside, I knew how my night would end.  As I hobbled back to our house, I could only think of my sauna and steam shower.  As we entered the house, I asked my daughter if she wanted to use the sauna, since the outside temperature had dropped to 37°F by then; she said she was happy to just cuddle with a blanket and some popcorn while watching TV.  

Ahh…my sauna and steambath—the perfect after soccer retreat.

B200 Infrared Sauna As I descended the stairs, I could feel my quadriceps firing, my hamstrings and calves tightening, and my core muscles whimpering.  With Gatorade in hand, I placed a towel on the sauna bench in a position where I could watch TV with my daughter, and I sat in the infrared sauna for about an hour, with a short break every 20 minutes.  After the hour had passed and the tension in my legs, back, and core had been released, I turned on my steam bath generator (in retrospect, I should have pre-programmed my T100 control to turn the steam bath on 15 minutes before I planned to use it). I watched TV for 15 minutes until my steam shower had reached the temperature at which I like to enter, 90°F; I enjoy soaking up the steamy heat while the steam bath continues to heat up to my set temperature of 110 degrees.  At 90°F, my seat and walls have warmed sufficiently to lean sit/lean against them without sending a cold shock through my body.  To help set the relaxation mood, I added lemon grass essential oil to the steam head, and adjusted my chromatherapy lights to a dark blue.  After 20 minutes, I emerged a much different man.  Many of the aches and pains in my muscles and joints had dissipated, and the chill from the cold temperatures had completely left my body.
When I awoke this morning, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  I knew I had gone to bed mostly pain free (without using a pain killer), but how would my body respond to the beating I gave it last night?  I am thrilled to report that I could climb and descend the stairs with no issues, and I have full mobility of my joints.  What do I credit with my seemingly miraculous recovery? Sauna and steam.  Given the same work out 10 years ago without the sauna and steam recovery period afterward, I would have awoken stiffer than a heavily starched shirt.  Yes, my muscles do have some of the soreness associated with muscle development, but my body doesn’t ache, and I have full mobility.

Are you interested in learning how you can add sauna and/or steam to your home so you can enjoy a speedier recovery after physical exertion? Contact your local dealer or you can request a brochure to learn more about the products we offer.
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