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The Low EMR/Low EF S-Series Infrared: Innovative from Design to Functionality – By Craig Lahti

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Finnleo’s new Low EMR/Low EF S-Series Infrared Saunas are redefining the standards for infrared saunas.  In response to market-driven requests for Low EMR, Finnleo developed the new S-series. Not only does it have IR technology that exceeds the tough Swedish EMR standards, it is loaded with other upgrade features that truly make this sauna the new industry standard. The S-series, introduced in March 2012, has multiple design innovations, many of which are "industry firsts”, including: 

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The Namesake Innovation – Low EMR and Low EF. The reason for the overhaul design was an increased interest in reducing the levels of EMR (Electro Magnetic Radiation) and EF (Electrical Field) in the infrared rooms.  While  previous models are safe, the new models exceed the stringent Swedish Standards, which is the recognized standard across the world.  We are inundated with EMR and EF every day, from cell phones, wireless routers, baby-monitors, computers, monitors, televisions, and essentially every other electrical device.  Even taking a stroll in nature, one cannot escape the cell phone towers and power lines that emit this potentially harmful energy.  Through the new S-series infrared saunas, Finnleo has  nearly eliminated this radiation while still maintaining the positive effects of infrared sauna.

Visually Stunning –The S-series is visually stunning!  The all glass front, sleek new TouchScreen control, and valance and bench skirt lighting ensure beauty and user comfort in all seven models of the S-series .  As an added touch of elegance to the room, the door handles complete the makeover.  There is not one part of the room that was not rethought and improved, which is impressive considering the excellent design of the previous models.  Somehow, the juxtaposition of elegance and deep perspiration are in harmony in this room.
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825S-4 Web 2. New Touch Screen Control – As is most of the world, I am in love with touch screen controls.  I enjoy the added feeling of control and interaction by letting my "fingers do the walking” to borrow the line from the old Yellow Pages ad.  With the new touch screen control inside the sauna, a bather has complete control to change the time remaining or temperature while in the room. Also, the control has the radio/MP3 player built-in as an application of the control.  Simply press the "Radio” button and choose to listen to the radio or select an MP3 player from which to choose a playlist.  While taking the sauna, the zone controls will help the bather customize the heat bathing experience.  Are your calves feeling tight after a Saturday morning long-run? Turn on the calf heaters.  Does the ceramic floor feel a little cool?  Turn on the floor heaters.  Want extra heat on your seat? Turn on the bench/seat heater.  The entire experience is customized.  As you finish your sauna, set the timer to do it all again tomorrow, since this control includes a 24 hour delay timer.

3. Other "Hidden” Innovations you will love – To achieve the low EMR/low EF and not hinder the performance of the saunas, the Finnleo engineers had to rethink everything.  The results are amazing.

a. More uniform heat distribution: The Finnleo "High Performance System” includes an integral heat distribution system to more evenly distribute heat throughout the room.  If the heat is trapped at the ceiling by the sensors, like in most infrared sauna designs, the emitters will not work as efficiently.

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b. Speakerless sound system: Hidden transducers have replaced the common speakers.  Not only does this innovation reduce the exposure of EMR and EF to the bathers, but the rich, surround sound fully envelops the bather.  The whole sauna has become a speaker, without the exposure of extra energy.

c. From a "Green” perspective, the saunas are a hit as well, as the wattage has been reduced by 24% from previous models of equal size while maintaining or even improving heat up time and maximum temperatures.  A 24% reduction usually means a compromise has been made in features, but in these new rooms, it is because of the increased features and quality that the rooms have seen such a dramatic savings.

For any of these items to be an improvement over a previous version would have been impressive, but for all of these features to be standard in the new S-series room is astounding.  Even with all of the upgrades, the price is as attractive as the room.  

To learn more about the Low EMR/Low EF S-Series Infrared Saunas, call or visit your local dealer, or you can contact Finnleo directly through email or by phone at 1-800-FINNLEO (346-6536).  To learn more about Finnleo, request our brochure.

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