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Yes, I would like a go. - by Craig Lahti

When many people think of a sauna, they picture a large room in a hotel or health club.  While for commercial applications a large room is necessary to accommodate several bathers, the same high quality sauna experience can be brought home, even if you live in a condominium or apartment complex that does not allow alteration to the residence.

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In many homes, a sauna will be built into the home or a panel-built room will be installed; however, for a condominium or apartment, a portable sauna would be more appropriate.  While panel-built rooms may be disassembled, moved, and reassembled, most require the heater be "hard-wired" to the electrical supply, which many apartments would discourage.  A portable sauna is designed for easy set-up and standard 110V/120V plug-in installation.  Typically, a portable sauna can be installed in 30-45 minutes, after reading the instructions.  Installation is simple with the use of an integral locking system, which allows for the panels to be fastened without the use of tools.  Simple electrical connections are needed for the heater, control, lights, and stereo system.  When the room is built and the electrical connections completed, the room plugs into a 120 volt 15 amp or 120 volt 20 amp outlet (depending on the kW output of the heater—you choose).

For traditional saunas, portable saunas are approximately 48"x48"x77" high and are designed with a two tier bench system. Considered a two person sauna, the room functions like a traditional sauna, and you may sprinkle water over the rocks, like you might do at a larger sauna at a hotel or health club.  Temperatures will reach 150-170°F, or more, which is comparable to the temperatures experienced in a commercial venue.

Another popular form of portable sauna is the Far-Infrared Sauna.  Infrared saunas were introduced about 30 years ago, but in the last 10 years, infrared saunas have become increasingly popular.  Due to the smaller size, easy tool free set-up, and plug-in electrical installation, infrared saunas can be shipped directly to a home owner, who can install the sauna in less than 45 minutes.  With amenities like stereos, color light therapy, heated floors, and an option to add a TV with DVD player, the infrared saunas provide a feature packed portable sauna for those who prefer lower air temperatures and who do not consider the ability to control humidity to be essential.  Because of the decreased power requirements of infrared emitters and there not being a need for two tiers of benching due to a more even distribution of heat, infrared rooms are available in a larger range of sizes than a portable traditional sauna. B200IR - Portable Sauna Blog

If you own a home and a summer/winter retreat, a portable sauna may fit your needs as well.  With the ease of assembly and disassembly, both the traditional and infrared portable saunas may allow you to enjoy a sauna at both locations, without the cost of installing two rooms.  I have spoken with one sauna enthusiast who purchased a portable sauna and installed it in his RV because the lower energy consumption of the unit works with the electrical capacity of his RV, and he never has to be away from his beloved sauna.  We even have reports of hunters purchasing a portable sauna to haul with them to hunting camp and hook into their generator.  Basically anywhere you have 110V power, you can use one of our portable saunas.

If you are planning a sauna for your home, consider your needs.  If you will be using the room by yourself or with one other person, a portable sauna may be an option worth considering.  To learn more about saunas and what application will best meet your needs, contact your local dealer.  For more information about portable traditional and infrared saunas, read our brochure. 


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