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Proper Illumination is Not To Be Taken Lightly - By Craig Lahti


11a deco The big part is done.  You have planned the location and size of your sauna, and you are finishing the layout of the room for optimal use.  One of the final considerations is how you will choose to light the room.  It used to be that a "Jelly Jar" wall sconce was the main option for sauna lights, but advances in electronics and a demand for more custom and better looking lighting has broadened the selection from which to choose.
In most commercial applications, the wall sconce remains the standard.  With the amount of use a commercial sauna receives, the wall sconce provides plenty of light, and it is one of the easiest lights to maintain.  To change the bulb, unscrew the globe, replace the bulb, and screw the globe back on.  It may not be the most beautiful light, but there is beauty in its simplicity.  Another simple way to utilize this simple light, but dress it up is to mount the light directly in the corner and use a corner lampshade from Finnleo.  These louvered lampshades soften the light, but allow for simple hook-up, easy bulb replacement and look great. 33f wall light

For high-end spas and home saunas, specialty lighting continues to gain popularity.  As mentioned above, some saunas may utilize a wall sconce with a shade or wood covering to conceal the brushed aluminum finish, many saunas now include valance lighting, ceiling cans, small spotlights mounted in the ceiling, lighting beneath the benches, lights on dimmer switches, and even colored lights for chromatherapy.  Which light is right for you is dependent upon how you intend to use the sauna and what amount of light you prefer.

Valance lighting is usually installed on the wall with the longest benches.  In large rooms, a second valance may be installed above the return benches.  The valance lighting consists of a strip of LED lights mounted behind a decorative wood covering.  The lights are wired to a transformer that is mounted outside of the sauna and is usually wired to the On/Off switch on the sauna control.  This option provides enough light to comfortably converse with others without being overwhelmed by bright lights.  The slightly subdued light creates a sense of relaxation and invites the bathers to be more open to talking with others or to enjoy the peace of a softly lit room.  A similar effect may be achieved by running the lights beneath the benches to illuminate from below.  For those who enjoy reading in the sauna, this may not be the best option, since the lighting may be too dim.  These lights, from Finnleo, are also available with a special dimmer transformer which allows you to dim or brighten the light with a remote control.  09b V Grande

Ceiling Cans are another popular option, though proper installation can be difficult.  In a sauna, the temperature at the ceiling can exceed 190°, even when the rest of the room is between 160° and 180°.  If a properly rated insulated ceiling can is not installed, then there may be problems with the breakers tripping and other electrical problems due to build up of heat in the can assembly.  If properly installed, the ceiling cans provide plenty of light and can often be wired to a dimmer that allows a bathers to choose the appropriate level of light for the activity in which they are participating.  If the bathers wish to read or if they are with friends with whom they are having a sauna party, then a brighter, more energetic room may be appropriate.  If the bather is by himself or with a spouse and wants to relax, then a more subdued lighting may be more appropriate.

For a break from the traditional lighting, consider chromatherapy lights used in conjunction with small spotlights to add just the right amount of light for reading or relaxing.  The chromatherapy lights consist of 6 different LED lights that can be set to a specific color or can be set to change at regular intervals, depending on the bather's preference.  It has been suggested that different colors are linked to moods.  Those who are familiar with the 7 colors of the Chakra are already familiar with this concept.  For those who simply want a different ambiance than standard lighting provides, the lights can be enjoyed without the associated meanings behind the various colors.

18a lights
Other options do exist beyond the lighting described above; however, be careful to choose products that have been tested and proven to work well in a sauna.  While it is rare, I have received calls from clients who chose a light based on appearance rather than function.  When the lighting failed due to the heat and environment of the sauna, the clients had to reconsider lighting options, and in some cases, particularly ceiling cans, wood paneling had to be removed and replaced to accommodate the new lighting.

If you need assistance in deciding which light option best meets your needs, contact your local dealer for design assistance for your sauna and proper lighting.  For more information on saunas, request our brochure.


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