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Why should I purchase a custom-cut sauna? - By Craig Lahti


cc int You have dreamed of a home sauna for years, and now you are finally ready to make your dreams come true.  As you move towards purchasing a sauna, look at the space you intend to use for the sauna to help you decide which package is right for you.  In many cases, a custom-cut sauna package will be a great choice for your installation and perhaps more reasonable than you realized, when you hear the word ‘custom’. (I’m referring to cost here…many people think "custom” equals expensive.)

Whether you are building a new home, moving into an existing home, or investing in the home you already have, a custom-cut sauna will give you the most options for both design and installation.  Though a panel-built room may be easier to install in an existing home, and can go up in minutes or hours, a custom-cut room will transform an area into a room that fits seamlessly into the design of the home.

When building a new home, you choose the layout of the home that best meets your needs.  If a sauna is planned early enough in the design stage, it can be designed to fit into the master bathroom suite.  In many master bedroom designs, His and Her closets have become standard.  Larger bathrooms and walk-in showers are becoming common place. Many times, a sauna can be incorporated into these spaces that will allow you to enjoy a sauna first thing in the morning or just before bed.  With a custom-cut package, the sauna can be constructed to virtually any size that is available, though we recommend a room no smaller than 4'x4'.  The most popular sizes, for most homes, are 5x7 and 6x6. These allow enough room for a family of four to use comfortably, or to have two adults lie down at the same time, without being so large that it dominates an area. CC66

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In existing homes, whether new to you or redesigning your existing space, custom-cuts can turn the storage area of a basement into your own day-spa.  Regardless of the space available, a custom-cut sauna will meet your needs.  Because the packages are so flexible, leftover space becomes usable space.  From saunas beneath stairwells to saunas following the curves of a basement wall, custom-cut packages take the shape of your imagination and creativity.  If you are fortunate enough to have a wide open space, consider designing your sauna close to plumbing, so you can design a nice shower or steam shower close to the sauna to shower after using the sauna.  Also, providing easy access to water makes it more convenient to fill your water bucket, so you can enjoy sprinkling water over the hot rocks of the sauna.

For those who like to try something new, a custom-cut sauna provides a great opportunity to install an InfraSauna.  With the custom-cut InfraSauna, you can have a custom designed infrared sauna and a traditional sauna in the same room.  Not only will you be able to make best use of your space, but your room will have dual functionality by offering both types of sauna.

Our mantra, at Finnleo, is, if you can dream it, we can build it.

If you are ready to design your sauna and begin your project, your local sauna dealer is an excellent resource for walking you through the process step by step or contact Finnleo via our website and we will start the process with you.  Whether you intend to build the room yourself or hire a contractor, Finnleo's and our dealer's expertise will make the project easy and enjoyable.  If you would like to read more about what products are available, request a brochure.


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