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Infrared or Traditional? I like them both. By Craig Lahti

In the last 10 years, there has been an ever increasing presence of Far-Infrared Saunas, and as a result the question has arisen, "Which is better a traditional sauna or a Far-Infrared sauna?" As a manufacturer of both styles, we can say with certainty that the better one is the one you will use. To me, the purpose and the experience of each is very different, though the results (perspiration and detoxification) are largely the same.


My ancestry is from Finland, and my father was raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in a logging community comprised largely of Finns. Though born in the United States, his first language was Finnish, and many of the traditions from Finland were still practiced regularly. Perhaps the most important practice was the weekly sauna bath on Saturday evenings. It was a time for socializing and a time for cleansing of the mind and body. For my father’s family, who did not have indoor plumbing at the time, the sauna was their bath.




As a toddler, I remember visiting my grandparents, and though indoor plumbing and showers had been installed at the house, the sauna remained an important part of our visits. My grandfather, my father, my brother, and I would enter the sauna each thinking of different things, but after using the vihta and bathing in the sauna, we found ourselves discussing topics important to us all. We had gone in as 4 individuals, but we left as a closer family. To me, the sauna came to represent a social family time coupled with the deep cleansing a sauna provides through perspiration.


Today, my sauna experience has changed. I am married, and my wife does not enjoy the high heat of the traditional sauna, but she loves the warm enveloping heat of the Far-Infrared sauna. Though the infrared rooms are generally smaller than a traditional sauna, the wide variety of designs allows for two or more people to sit and converse while enjoying the heat bath. Because the air temperature is lower in the infrared sauna, we are able to enjoy the experience longer. Like the time spent with my family in the traditional sauna, we have had an opportunity to bond while cleansing our body and mind.




In the end, the choice of Traditional Sauna or Far-Infrared Sauna will be determined by your preference. Fortunately for me, I enjoy both. When I visit my father and my brother, we usually make time to take a traditional sauna either at home or at the health club. Any tension or disagreements that may have occurred prior to the sauna, melt away while we perspire. With my wife, the Far-Infrared allows us to share the heat bathing experience while keeping my wife comfortable.


Which experience best suits your needs? Many people have had the opportunity to use a traditional sauna at a health club or hotel, but you may not have experienced the infrared sauna. We invite you to contact your local dealer to experience the Far-Infrared Sauna experience, so you can determine which sauna you prefer. Perhaps you will find you enjoy them both, and you will choose an InfraSauna, which provides the best of both saunas.


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