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Planning Your Sauna - by Craig Lahti

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop." – Ovid (43 B.C. – 17 A.D.)


As Ovid observes in the quote above, at times we work ourselves too hard, and we forget to reward ourselves with rest and relaxation. It is during this time of relaxation that we can truly rejuvenate our mind, our body and our passion for life. For many people, the time spent preparing for and using a sauna is a treasured time, because it may be the only moments in the day that a person can truly focus on his or her own needs. To make the most of the sauna experience, a sauna’s design, location and features must be carefully planned.


The Solace Sauna from the Designer Sauna Series

When planning/designing your sauna, you should consider the following when determining the size and location of the sauna:


  1. How many people will be using the sauna at one time?


  2. Who will be using the sauna? Will it be your own private retreat, or perhaps you and your spouse? Do you plan to enjoy the sauna with family and friends – perhaps host a sauna party?


  3. How do you intend to use the sauna, lying or sitting?


  4. Where is the sauna going to be installed? Do you have enough physical space? Do you have easy access to the outdoors (for cooling off on a deck, or perhaps for a quick dip in a nearby pool).


  5. Is there a shower near the sauna or is there plumbing for one to be installed?


Sauna Interior


The first three questions will help you to determine the size of the sauna you will require to accommodate your needs. If you intend for no more than 2 people to sit in the sauna, then the sauna can be as small as 4’ x 4’, but if room allow you may be more satisfied with a 4’ x 6’ sauna. However, if you intend for a family of four to use the sauna at one time, with some people lying down while others sit, then a 6’ x 8’ room with a "L" shaped bench configuration may better suit your plans.


Our experience has shown that the most popular size home sauna – year-in and year-out – is 5’ x 7’ or 6’ x 6’, due to the relatively small foot print, but with an upper L-bench providing room for two people to lie down at once, or four or five people seated on the top bench. An easy rule of thumb to use in your planning is "Two feet of upper bench per person seated".


Once you have determined what size room you require, carefully consider your home’s design. If you intend to use the sauna as a couples or personal retreat, then consider adding the sauna to your Master Bedroom Suite. If the sauna will be used as part of a work-out routine, consider adding the room to your fitness area. If the sauna is to be used by the family and friends, then choose an area large enough to accommodate the sauna as well as a changing area. For all applications, it is advisable to have a shower nearby to rinse off after the sauna.


Proper planning will allow you to fully appreciate the relaxing and restoring properties of the sauna experience. When you call or visit your local Finnleo dealer, they will be happy to assist you with the design of your sauna. For your closest dealer, click hereor call us at 1-800-346-6536. For a Finnleo brochure, click here.

Man and woman enjoying a sauna



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