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How Do You Spell Relief? Sauna - by Craig Lahti


Last night, I worked out harder than I had in a long time.  Afterwards, I went out for dinner, went Christmas shopping, and came home to watch a movie with my wife.  This morning, I realized I had neglected an important step. I didn't take a sauna.

Though bumper stickers claim "Pain is weakness leaving the body", this body likes feeling strong, healthy, and pliable.  The feeling of stiff muscles and sore joints, whether through exercise or ailment, is seldom a welcome feeling.  However, a session in a sauna begins to untie my knots in my shoulders and back. My wrists and hips feel the relief of warmth entering the joints, and my mind is allowed to relax as I breathe the warm air, and I am no longer in the cold north during late autumn, but I am in Sedona, Az on a warm spring day.

About a month ago, several news articles were written about a recent medical study showing how a sauna may improve cardiovascular health and that it has the added benefit of simply making people happier. For years, the Finns have known the health benefits of sauna, and over the last 30 years, numerous medical journals have set forth to prove it.  If you have also felt the wonderful relief a sauna can bring after a workout, perhaps it is time for you to have a sauna at home, so you can feel better in the covenience of your own home.

For more information on a Finnleo sauna for your home, you can request a brochure or contact your local dealer.


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Julian ( wrote:
I use my sauna during my lunch hour as my think time . The slitoude of the sauna helps me think through the work-life challenges, and of course, the infrared sauna benefits from 45 minutes every other day energizes me to accomplish my health goals.