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Autumn and Saunas - The Perfect Combination - By Craig Lahti

Fall and Sauna

Leaves are falling.  The air is cooler, with the occasional strong wind bringing us closer to winter.  People are wearing sweaters while raking leaves, walking through the woods, watching football, or a plethora of other outdoor activities inspired by the splendor of the change of season.  To me, a sauna is the perfect complement to fall and winter activities.

We live in great times for the multitude of options for sauna bathing.  For traditionalists with space for an outdoor sauna, a wood burning sauna may be the perfect choice.  For a family looking for the perfect place to warm up after a day of playing outside together, a panel-built or custom-cut traditional sauna can be customized to make a cozy family retreat.  If a quick warm-up is desired before or after venturing into cooler weather, an infrared sauna will do the trick.  And for those who want the best of infrared and traditional saunas, there is the Finnleo InfraSauna.  Let's look more closely at the different options and determine which choice is best for you.

Fall Colors

The wood burning sauna is a traditionalist's dream, and it brings together many elements of the fall.  To prepare for the sauna, the kindling and fire wood must be harvested.  While working in the yard, collecting fallen twigs and sawing branches that needed to be trimmed, you are preparing your stocks for many winter saunas.  Half way through your yard work, you take a break to fire the wood stove, knowing that when you are done with your work, it will be time to enjoy the sauna.  As you finish your work, the aroma of wood burning completes the fall scene, and you are ready to relax and enjoy your sauna bath.  With the large rock capacity and available water jackets, you can truly bathe in the wood burning sauna room.  Add water to the rocks to create a great steam.  When you feel your perspiration has reached a desirable level, take some water from the spigot of the water jacket, begin the bath.  After 10-15 minutes, sit in the changing room and cool off.  If you have running water to the sauna, rinse off in a shower.  After you have cooled, go back in for another session.  Again, take time to cool down after the second session.  I remember stories from my grandparents about how many hunters, trappers, and lumberjacks would come to their sauna on Saturday evenings to enjoy the bath and to share stories of the week.  Perhaps your sauna can restore a sense of community in your neighborhood as well.

For the family who enjoys outdoor activities and loves the convenience of modern appliances and equipment, a custom-cut or panel-built sauna with an electric stove will serve them well.  With options ranging from simple built-in controls to programmable digital controls, the family can integrate the sauna into their lifestyle.  After watching the kids play their favorite fall sports, the whole family can enjoy time in the sauna.  If the athletes have sore muscles, the heat will help soothe the aches and pains of activity while helping the spectators warm-up from the time spent faithfully supporting their favorite sports stars.  With options like speakers and the Finnleo iPod docking stations to full entertainment systems including flat screen televisions, the family can choose to relax in the quiet of the room and talk about the events of the day, or they can watch their favorite family shows on the entertainment center.  For those who have built a home with smart home technology, many digital controls can be used in conjunction with these systems.

Entertainment Center

Infrared saunas are the perfect answer for a quick warm-up before or after cool weather activities.  Because infrared heat penetrates deep into the body, an infrared sauna can help a person stretch muscles before going for a run or walk.  The same warm-up can be beneficial before raking leaves or any other yard work.  When the snow begins to fall, there is little better than going out to shovel the snow knowing the warm embrace of the infrared sauna awaits you upon completion of the task at hand.

Finally, the InfraSauna is the perfect choice for those who enjoy the deep penetrating heat of infrared saunas, and they enjoy the option of pouring water over the rocks in the higher heat of a traditional sauna.  When using the infrared option of the sauna, a family could enjoy a quick warm-up before or after time outside.  For times when a traditional sauna experience is preferred, the traditional sauna heater will bring the higher temperatures and the option of using water, perhaps mixed with eucalyptus or some other aromatherapy, to help enhance the experience.


Are you warming to the idea of a sauna?  Contact your local dealer to discuss which option is best for you.  Trying to figure out a family Christmas present, there is plenty of time to order and have your sauna ready in time to hang stockings on the outside of the sauna and for Santa to stop in before finishing his deliveries.  For more information, request your Finnleo brochure.


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What a great Autumn activity! Looking forward to going to Finland.