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Sauna Featured in Wall Street Journal

By Keith Raisanen, January 4, 2011

As further evidence of the growing interest in saunas, The Wall Street Journal featured a great sauna article in its December 29, 2010 issue. The front page of the “Personal Journal” section features the article, “The Home Improvement That’s the Hottest of Them All.”


Here’s the link to the WSJ article:


Writer Anne Marie Chaker, based in WSJ’s Washing DC Bureau, did extensive sauna research for the article. I had the pleasure of having multiple phone conversations with Ms. Chaker. She said her interest in doing the sauna article began by noting, “One of the most prestigious social invitations one can get in Washington DC is an invitation to a sauna party at the Finnish Embassy.”


Chaker’s article nicely portrays the social aspects of sauna bathing—whether fortunate enough to enjoy the Finnish Embassy sauna, or with friends and family in home saunas. She notes that “…more Americans are making space for sauna rooms, clearing out basements, converting closets and even partitioning off backyard sheds.”


Chaker also points out that saunas are not only “Euro-cool” but also are growing in popularity due to their practical appeal—being less work to install and maintain than other spa-type amenities.


The WSJ article includes multiple photos of the sauna at the Finnish Embassy in Washington DC. I’ve had the pleasure of taking a sauna at the Embassy. It’s a beautiful sauna, constructed by our long-time dealer Erkki Lindstrom of “Saunas by Erkki”, Port Tobacco, Maryland. The heater used in the Embassy was a specially ordered, high kW heater from our factory in Finland.


The Finnish Embassy building is an architecturally stunning facility. For a photo tour of the Finnish Embassy, visit the Embassy site:

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