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Welcome to our new website and to my new Blog, SaunaTime.  My goal is to create a place where people interested in sauna can go to learn more about the sauna experience and to find out what’s going on in our industry and in our company.

I hope the interactivity of this site will give you a chance to express your opinions and will help you and other readers get the most enjoyment out of your personal "SaunaTime”.
About me
Since this is my first entry, perhaps it would be appropriate to share with you a little about me and my personal connection to saunas.  As you may be able to tell by my family name, I am of Finnish descent.  All four of my grandparents emigrated from Finland to Minnesota around the turn of the century.  One of their most dear connections to their homeland was the sauna.

Sauna has been an inseparable part of my entire life.  SaunaTime to me and to my family is something extra special.  A sauna is a quiet retreat where you can shut the door on the rest of the world, a place to relax, and a place where deep heartfelt communication is as natural as the sauna experience itself.

We have two saunas at our home—one indoors and one outdoors by the pool.  We also have an outdoor wood burning sauna at our cabin on Lake Superior.  For our family, SaunaTime in summer is often a sauna followed by a dip in the pool or into the frigid waters of Lake Superior—perhaps one of the most refreshing and invigorating experiences of all.

My favorite SaunaTime is the end-of-day ritual my wife, Heidi, and I enjoy.  After getting our children in bed we find the sauna to be the ideal way to wind down and end the day—to share with each other the activities of the day and to relax in the soothing heat of the sauna.  A sauna prior to going to bed also induces a deeper sleep—so we get the dual benefit of quiet, relaxing time together, followed by restful sleep.

About our company
This September we will be entering our 25th year of business.  The company was founded in 1984, first as a hobby and as a good way to stay connected to Finland.  Starting with no market share, our company has grown to become the largest sauna company in North America.

Through product innovation, a dedicated team of employees and through an incredibly committed network of specialty dealers, we have become the industry leader.  We take the leadership role very seriously and are doing all we can to bring sauna and steam products to the marketplace to maximize the sauna experience.

What’s next?
I will be writing monthly about a variety of topics, including sauna history, health benefits of saunas, tips and guidelines on choosing a sauna, building a sauna and using a sauna.  From time to time I’ll share personal stories and stories from other sauna enthusiasts.  My goal is to create a place where people interested in sauna can go for information, news and fun.  Keep this bookmark hot; there’s more to come.

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