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Guest Blog: Warming Up to Infrared Sauna: A yoga teacher’s story

Laurie Yoga - Zion National Park

Laurie in Warrior Pose at Zion National Park

About 4 years ago, my husband expressed interest in a home sauna. My only experience had been the saunas at hotels and health clubs, and due to my asthma, I found it difficult to breathe in the high temperatures. Determined to add sauna to other healthy lifestyle changes, he convinced me to try an infrared sauna, and I am glad he did.

What was primarily purchased to support Craig’s weight loss and fitness goals soon turned into my personal escape and quiet space for morning meditation before teaching yoga on weekend mornings. Since the infrared sauna requires no pre-heating, I will often awake, turn on the infrared sauna, make a cup of tea, and come back to the sauna 10 minutes later with a book or journal. To enhance the relaxation, I add a few drops of essential oil to a slightly damp wash cloth and enjoy a little aromatherapy.

Depending on how my week has been and what my needs are for the morning, I will spend 10-15 minutes in the sauna, take a 5 minute cooling break, and start a second round of sauna. If my lesson plans for yoga are completed, I enjoy reading a book or quietly meditating and mentally preparing my intentions for the day and my yoga practice. If work is needed on my plan, I finish writing the routine and read inspirational messages to include at the end of class. The soothing heat and quiet of the infrared sauna helps me achieve the right mindset to accomplish these tasks without the stress I often find when preparing lesson plans for my high school English classes.

Beyond the mental preparation for class, the infrared sauna prepares my body for my yoga practice. Whether preparing a Vinyasa class with challenging poses and more flow, a gentler Hatha class that focuses on poses, or a meditative Yin class, the deep penetrating heat of the infrared increases blood flow to my muscles and joints to increase mobility and flexibility while also reducing the likelihood of injury or strain. If I awake with a knot in my shoulder from carrying stress and bag full of papers to grade, time in the infrared helps untie that knot through the soothing heat to the muscles and the release of mental and emotional tension through relaxation.

In addition to the stress management and relaxation enjoyed in my quiet sauna time, my overall health has improved with fewer cold, sinus, and allergy issues over the last several years. It is nice to have been pleasantly surprised by the myriad benefits I have found with our Finnleo B820 Infrared Sauna.

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