• Backrest


    Options include:

    • Curved ergonomic backrest
    • Deluxe head/backrest

  • Brush


    Available as:

    • long handled bath brush (1 each)

  • Buckets


    Options include:

    • Wood bucket with plastic liner
    • Wood bucket with stainless steel liner
    • Copper bucket with wood handle
    • Stainless steel bucket with wood handle

  • Ladle


    Available in:

    • Wood
    • Copper
    • Stainless steel

  • Other


    Other accessories include:

    • Clothes hanger 3-peg; 2-peg and 4-peg also available
    • Pair of handles
    • Cedar Sauna sign (laser etched)
    • Vapor proof sauna wall light
    • Sauna soap
    • Eucaluptus fragrance
    • Sauna bucket clock (not for use in sauna)
    • Halu Pillow

  • Textiles


    • wash mitts
    • towels
    • robes

  • Thermometer/Hygrometer


    Options include:

    • 4" thermometer/hygrometer
    • 5" thermometer/hygrometer
    • 7" thermometer/hygrometer
    • dual dial thermometer/hygrometer

  • Timer


    • 15-minute sand timer
    • Allows bather to track length of time in the sauna

  • Vent


    • vent/grille

  • Thermometer


    Options include:

    • 4" thermometer
    • 5" chrome thermometer

Classic Accessories

Enhance your sauna experience with handsomely made accessories. Crafted of the finest materials, they'll add years of enjoyment to your sauna. All sauna packages include standard accessories of thermometer, bucket, ladle, backrests, light and heater guard rail. The accessories above are available for those who already have their sauna and are looking to enhance their experience or for those who wish to upgrade their current accessory offering.